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Common Questions

Helpful Information

Do I need a subscription to access RootLytx?
Not at this time.  We are just developing our library and currently all posts are directly accessible.

Do you accept donations?
Donations are always welcome but not required.  Our work here is designed for open stream of conscious writing.

Are you accepting submissions?
We're happy to review submitted articles for publishing alongside our own blog posts.

Do you offer a library of resources to help with consultation?
We do. We are constantly expanding our library and will continue to post tools, templates, and reference products for purchase.


Are there any additional fees associated with your consultation services?
Yes, there are additional fees for our consultation services.  Each engagement is unique.  Please reach out with your specific needs for a detailed quote.


How quickly will I receive feedback after submitting a consultation request?
Our team strives to provide feedback within 48 hours of receiving a consultation request.

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